5 Tips For Choosing Your Next Trivia Theme

Here are some more great ideas to pick out a trivia theme that will be just perfect for your audience. 

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When it comes to playing trivia, a game is only as good as its trivia questions. Many trivia games are based around general knowledge topics like science, history, pop culture, and those sorts of things.

One way to really spice up your next trivia event is to theme it around a particular topic. You know the type, something everyone loves, like “The Office” or “Disney Movies“. Here are some more great ideas to pick out a trivia theme that will be just perfect for your audience. 

1. Ask Your Players

Well… that was obvious! However, it’s likely if you ask 10 people you will get 10 different answers. Maybe you’ll have a group consensus and surprise everyone. Likely though people will suggest topics that they are familiar with. Can’t blame them. I know nothing about 18th Century French Poetry. Now if it is 90’s Boy Bands, I got this

2. Look at Trending Topics

One approach is to look at what is popular in culture right now. The Grammy’s are happening as I am writing this so that might be a good topic if your players are into music. There is the Super Bowl happening and sports All-Star events for Football, Basketball, and Hockey in February. Of course, there is the Women’s and Men’s NCAA Basketball tournaments coming up too! We are always writing new trivia. You cand take a peek at our trending trivia topics to see what is hot off the press. I mean it’s not from a press room. It’s from one of our writer’s computers. But still, it’s new and fun and different!

3. Avoid Anything Too Obscure

This is huge. Probably the most heard complaint in the history of trivia is that it was too difficult. Usually that means the topic was not one that player would know. Choose something that the majority of people in your group will have some familiarity with. If you need to go with more general knowledge oriented rounds, that is ok! Better to have a game that everyone enjoys than one focused on 18th Century French Poetry (In no way am I making a specific reference to a trivia game I recently played).

4. Go with a Classic

Alright fill in the blank for your group. Everyone loves ____. If you said “Raymond,” well done but that isn’t going to get you to your theme. Maybe some classic sitcoms like Friends or Schitt’s Creek. You could go with literature, 80’s films, geography, romcoms, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

5. Pick Something Goofy and Fun

Don’t worry. I got you on this one. We have some rounds that will make your team laugh and scratch their heads. Why not try Celerity Mustaches or Notable Busses or State Fairs. We have over 300 different themes for you to choose from. You can always come up with your own and we’ll write it for you. For example, for a client we recently created a Cured Meats in Pop Culture round… why not give that one a try?

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve got a few fun trivia theme ideas to help guide your decisions, it’s time to get out there and apply those skills to your trivia questions!

Don’t quite have the energy for all that? No worries, we’re here to help – our on-demand trivia software platform has hundreds of pre-made quizzes ready for you to start playing today.

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