Virtual Trivia

Who said you need a pub to play pub trivia? This is virtual trivia at its finest: a professionally hosted and fully interactive trivia experience delivered to you and your team wherever they are. Even if you’re a regular, our content writers work hard to ensure we keep you on your toes. You won’t get the same question twice!

Full-service Virtual Events

Trivia At Your service

When you book one of our virtual trivia events, our dedicated staff are here to ensure your entire event goes off without a hitch. 

Turn-Key Service

We know your days are busy - we got you. Once you submit your booking, one of our event planners will ensure your event is fully prepared.

Engaging Personalities

Our virtual trivia hosts are not just question readers. They're professional actors, comedians and musicians. They know how to party!

Tailored Content

No need to pay extra to ensure your event is tailored to your group. After booking, just let us know about your group and we'll make sure the content fits.

Easy-to-Use Tech

We make it easy for your group to join and play. Teams click a Zoom link to join and submit answers from our easy-to-use website - that's it!

Something for Everyone

Endless Trivia Themes

In addition to our classic general knowledge trivia questions, you can choose from over 300+ of our unique trivia themes for your game. 

No one has a bigger selection of themed trivia than TriviaHub.

Zoom virtual trivia

Theme Library

300+ Trivia Themes

When you book one of our virtual trivia events, we’ll have something for the interests of any group. Like the latest HBO hits? Know all the catchy marketing slogans? Have a collection of cured meats from popular movies? Oh yeah, we have a theme for that.

Inclusive Content

Monthly DEI Specials

Every month, we prepare a special DEI event to honor our past and celebrate our bright future. From Black History Month to Pride Month to Hispanic Heritage Month, we have quizzes prepared that are both educational and fun.

Parties Covered

Holiday Trivia

There’s really no better way to throw a holiday party than with some fun quiz questions about it! Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s – every major holiday and some in between are covered here.

Upgrade your Game

Premium Trivia Modes

So you’re a movie buff. Or you know the meaning to obscure words. Or maybe you follow all the latest memes. 

Whatever your talent, if you’re looking for a fun new spin on virtual trivia, up your game and go with one of our premium trivia game modes for an added challenge. 

You can upgrade your game type at the time of booking.

Song Showdown

Get your groove on and identify these artists and songs.

Word puzzles

Bring the game show straight to your home office.

Clips with Connections

Movie buffs and aspiring critics - it's your time to shine!

Tell Meme About It

All of your social media scrolling is about to pay off!

Fan Riot

Celebrity cameos within a fully themed trivia game.

Premium Sampler

Mix-and-match all of our premium trivia together!

Make It Your own

Fully Customized Trivia Events

Custom Trivia Questions

All of the trivia questions in our virtual trivia games can be customized to your liking. You can write your own or our experts can write a game for you. No topic is off limits for our group!

Personalized Agenda

With TriviaHub, you can design your perfect event agenda. From event length, to speakers, to incorporating other videos or content, the power is in your hands to make it your own.

Branded Trivia Experience

Every aspect of our virtual trivia event can be branded to match your company or event sponsors. Change the host’s virtual background, incorporate your brand colors or logo and more.

Stand-Up Comedy

Get your team in the competitive spirit with a fun stand-up comedy show from our champion comedians.

Magic Show

Be amazed at how fooled you can be with a virtual magic show. We promise your team won’t see the tricks coming!

Mixology Lesson

Learn how to mix those fancy cocktails you can get out at the bar. Add to the start of an event to give the team something to sip on.

Scavenger Hunt

Ready to get up and move around after a day of Zoom meetings? See if you can find these common items around your home office!

Go Beyond Trivia

Entertainment Extras

So, obviously we do virtual trivia, and we do it very well. BUT, we are also entertainers and we understand a memory of the experience is sometimes more meaningful than the moment itself. 

That’s why we’ll help you create those memories by adding some extra entertainment to the start of your event. We promise it’ll be worth your while. 


Make your virtual trivia event that much more special with these fun add-ons.

E-gift cards for the winners.

Keep the party going.

Show us those teeth.

Capture the laughs on camera.

Contact info for follow-up.

Your TriviaHub trophy.

We have great answers


The event is led by a funny and engaging TriviaHub quizmaster live over Zoom. They will guide your team through the steps and handle all the questions and logistics. 

The host will start with instructions and then put your group into teams of around 5 players. They’ll guide your group through 3 rounds of trivia questions. Each team will submit answers on our easy-to-use website.

Teams will review answers together between each round while the host tallies points and reveals the leaderboard. The final round crowns the winning team!

Each of our virtually hosted events includes:

  • A live engaging quiz master
  • Full facilitation of the online event
  • A Zoom link and event management
  • Online quiz website
  • 60-minutes of gameplay (upgradable to 90-minutes)
  • Choice of themed trivia round
  • Choice of randomized or pre-set trivia teams

Our events are very customizable and the following options can be added to any trivia game for an additional cost:

  • Game Length: Extend event length from 60 to 90-minutes. 
  • Fully-Themed Quiz: Choose a theme for all for the rounds of your quiz
  • Premium Trivia: Upgrade your trivia to one of our premium themes 
  • Event Branding: Brand the trivia experiecne with your company’s colors, logos and more
  • Personalized Agenda: Fully customize the event’s run-of-show to include speakers, breaks and other events
  • Custom Trivia Questions: Write your own or request a topic from our team
  • Social Time: Add 30 minutes for team socializing after the event
  • Group Photo: Get a digital photo of your team during the event
  • Extra Entertainment: Add a 15-minute warm-up to the start of your event 

Our virtual events are priced at a flat fee based on your number of attendees. Options start at:

  • 1-20 attendees: $249
  • 21-50 attendees: $499
  • 51-100 attendees: $799
  • 101-300 attendees: $1,099

We can take virtual trivia bookings up to 24-hours before your event starts. You can check our real-time availability by starting a booking.

Yes. All of our virtual events support hybrid setups. Typically, we see clients display our virtual hosts onto a TV or projector at their in-person location, while the virtual attendees log into a Zoom room.

Our default hosting platform is Zoom, but we can also support your preferred online meeting platform including: Google Meet, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Blue Jeans, and more.

No. If you need more participants than you can book with our online booking tool, we can create a custom-designed event for you.

Contact us to learn more.

All of our trivia questions are written by expert quizmasters. All questions are workplace-appropriate and family-friendly and the difficulty is balanced to appeal to all levels of players.

Yes! We’ve hosted events for dozens of countries. We have hosts available in all time zones and our content can be tailored to be internationally relevant. 

You’ll let us know where your audience is located when booking and we’ll prepare your event accordingly.

Let's Make your Next Event Fun

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