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Group Games

This is where it all began. In 2019 we hosted our very first trivia event and since then we've expanded our game portfolio to continue brining fun to you and your group. 


Don’t “hall” your team out. This classic game of chance isn’t just for grandma anymore… it’s a proven crowd-pleaser. An accessible game that everyone is familiar with, BINGO by TriviaHub provides a simple and fun group experience for those days when you aren’t up for brain teasers. Add prizes to give your players something to aim for!

The Feud

The Feud is TriviaHub’s version of Family Feud. Much like the TV show of the same name, one of our hosts will lead your teams through multiple rounds of survey-based questions to see who can determine the most popular answers. At the end of the game, the team with the most points will win a car …or something like that.


Quizpardy is TriviaHub’s version of Jeopardy! Hvae you ever wanted to compete on the famous TV quiz show? Well now’s the time! Team members will buzz in and provide the proper question tor trivia facts and earn points. After a final wager, you’ll find out who the ultimate Quizpardy champions are. 

Scavenger Hunt

Do you enjoy treasure hunting shows where pickers find unique artifacts people didn’t know they had? Do you also enjoy breaking up your work day by moving around? Our scavenger hunt will test your team’s creativity by asking them to conjure up items from their home while racing to get the item before the clock runs out! 

Go Beyond Games

Entertainment Extras

Games are fun, but pair a game with some entertainment and you've got yourself an experience! Level-up any TriviaHub game with one of these entertainment options to make your next group gathering a smash hit.

Every one of our entertainment options can be booked as a standalone 30-minute experience or added to a group game as a 15-minute warm-up.

Stand-up Comedy

Our stand-up champions have years of corporate comedy experience - laughs are 100% guaranteed.

Mixology Lesson

Bringing the bartender to you. Our mixology lessons are so much more than just a quick drink mix!

Magic Show

Your group won't see the tricks coming. Our magicians have years of experience performing tricks for audiences of all sizes.

Wine Tasting

High-brow happy hour? Our wine tasting sessions are hosted by Lifetime Vintage certified sommeliers.


Watch our expert mentalists amaze you by telling you just what you are thinking - you'll be awestruck at their powers!

DJ Dance Party

If you group loves to move and groove, a dance party hosted by a professional TriviaHub DJ is where the party's at.

Improv Exercise

Let our expert poets create an improvised poem about your group on the spot. We promise this will be one-of-a-kind!

Break the Ice

Armed with breakout questions and deft skill, our hosts can help break the ice with any group and get everyone chatting in no time.

Just the Facts

A unique icebreaker event that tests participants knowledge of other group members. See how much everyone knows.


Make your event that much more special with these fun add-ons.

E-gift cards for the winners.

Keep the party going.

Show us those teeth.

Capture the laughs on camera.

Contact info for follow-up.

Your TriviaHub trophy.

We Have Great Answers


While we do consider trivia to be our premier event type, we do find customers that want to mix things up at times and try a different game or event.

All of our hosted games are interactive, competitive, and fun so you really can’t go wrong with any choice. 

Yes! If you’d like to learn how to bring one of these events to your next in-person gathering, just contact us.

When you add a warm-up option to one of our team games, you’ll start your event out with a brief 15-minute experience that’s intended to get your audience “warmed-up” and ready to play, interact, and have some fun together!

Our add-ons can be added to your event when booking online or by contacting us to learn more.

Most of our events start at $249 for 30-90 minute events.

Adding an event as a warm-up to trivia or another team game starts at $159.

We host most of these events ourselves but do partner with other providers for some of them.

Yes. We offer demo times to review how each event works. Feel free to book a demo with us to find out more.

If you still have questions, feel free to get in-touch with us and we’ll respond promptly with an answer for you.

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