Why TriviaHub

See why no one can provide an experience like TriviaHub

Our Primary Focus

The Best Trivia Experience

As our name suggests, trivia is our focus and we do it well. Why the focus on trivia you might ask? Because group trivia events have stood the test of time – they are the best interactive group experience and if you don’t agree – you haven’t tried TriviaHub.

Tailored Trivia Software

We wanted to make sure our trivia experiences were easy and fun to participate in, so we decided to build our own software platform to host them just how we wanted. 

Expert-Written Questions

Our team of expert trivia question writers produce the best quizzes. All games are balanced perfectly so everyone on the team can contribute.

Streamlined Game Flow

After hosting about 20,000 trivia events, we’re pretty sure we’ve got the flow down just right. We make it easy for players to participate and we always end on time. 


Actor, NYC


Comedian, Minneapolis

Professional Hosts

The Most Engaging Talent

No one tops TriviaHub hosts. Our hosts are true entertainers from all walks of life and verified trivia experts. Our hosts are guaranteed to make your event a fun and exciting experience for you and your crowd.

Make it Special

Fully Customizable

Dream big! Have a unique idea of how to incorporate trivia into your upcoming event? Our platform’s ultimate flexibility is ready to make your dream a reality. 

Here for you

Dedicated Planners

When you book a TriviaHub event, you’ll rest easy knowing there are real humans at the ready to help with any questions that may arise. 

Just what you need

Flexible pricing

TriviaHub events are consistently rated the “best bang for the buck” by our customers. You can design an event to fit any budget. 

Meeting Kick-Offs

Leverage our trivia software to enable managers to host quick 5-15 minute microgames to kick-off meetings and get the brain juices flowing.

Team Building

Hire one of our virtual hosts to create a team building day of competition, education, and fun that everyone won’t dread attending. 

Corporate Parties

Why should your in-office employees get to have all the fun? Book a virtual TriviaHub host to provide an engaging hybrid option for your remote staff.


Bring one of our professional hosts to your conference venue in-person to provide a fun networking option for your customers.

Everything you need

Your one-stop Trivia shop

TriviaHub’s ultimate flexibility makes our experiences perfect for any occasion. From a meeting warm-up to a team happy hour to an annual sales kick-off, we are your one-stop shop for engaging group trivia experiences.

Our 100% Fun Guarantee

We guarantee your group will have fun

We believe so much in our trivia experiences that if your group doesn’t have a good time with us, we’ll be sure to make it right.

Meet Our Clients

Trusted by 1000s

We’ve served thousands of organizations across the globe, and you can rest assured we’ll treat your team with the care you expect.

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