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Jumpstart your next team meeting with a fun microgame

TriviaHub Overview

Increase your meeting productivity

Surveys indicate that over 55% of all meetings ultimately turn out unproductive. That’s a lot of wasted time!

A great solution to help increase participant productivity is to segue into your set meeting agenda with a unique meeting kick-off activity. This can help get the team’s brain juices flowing and drive-up productivity.

See how a TriviaHub microgame could be just the segue you need.


What is a microgame?

A microgame is a quick 5 to 15-minute group-based activity designed to get team members’ brains engaged and set their minds right.

TriviaHub’s microgames are quizzes that can help get everyone to connect and build team health by testing their knowledge of fun topics. 

How does it help?

A proven method to help erase unproductive negative emotions before starting a meeting is to segue into it with a meeting kick-off activity. 

By playing an engaging microgame with the team and quizzing them on fun topics, you’ll set your next meeting up for success. 

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How it Works

It’s super simple to get started – you can sign-up for a TriviaHub account with just your email address – no credit card required. After you create your account, you’ll be brought to our quiz catalog where you can filter our microgames by type, locality, theme, and more.

Choose a Quiz

After opening TriviaHub in your web browser, just scroll through our list of pre-built microgames and choose one to play.

Players Join

You'll step through a brief overview of the microgame and then your meeting participants can join using a QR code or web URL.

Segue Away

The platform will step you through the questions while participants submit answers. Leaderboards are created to see who's on top!

Quiz Library

Pick the Perfect Topic

TriviaHub’s library of workplace-appropriate microgames includes over 300+ general knowledge games and fun themes. Not sure what to pick? Grab a random game and get to playing quickly. 

Projector Mode

Display on the Big Screen

Project your quiz screen up on to your meeting room TV or projector to give your segue another element of fun – who doesn’t like a game show to start out that next team status meeting?

Screen Share

Include Remote Players

Whether you are all in a single conference room or holding a remote meeting, just share your screen over Zoom or your favorite video conferencing platform and everyone can participate in the activity together. 

Meeting Kick Off
Meeting Kick-Off

Team Leaderboards

Share and Track Results

After you’ve kicked-off your meeting and completed your team’s first microgame, its super easy to share your final team leaderboard out to Slack, Teams, or elsewhere. 

All of your microgame results are tracked over time so you can look back on past games and see which of your team members is helping the group get most engaged with their trivial knowledge!

Global Impact

TriviaHub Has Helped Engage 50,000+ Corporate Teams

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