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Trivia for the new work environment

“TriviaHub Proved to us that when working remotely we don’t have to compromise on team building activities. Our team, located all over the world, had a packed hour-long session… full of trivia, laughs, and most importantly, engagement. TriviaHub is the pub-trivia feel for the new working environment.”


-Amanda G, AstraZeneca

The best Trivia

“I’ve done trivia several times since the pandemic and TriviaHub is by far, the best I’ve experienced. Even with a snag where we had a question one of our players had seen before, our host rolled with it, contacted his tech team, and got us a new one right away. Just wow.”


-Jennifer E, Zillow

Great experience

“TriviaHub was so prompt and professional! We had a great experience recently where the entirety of our group was in-person and our host was ‘beamed in’ virtually. Our host was a true professional and made the whole event fun by poking a little fun at some of our answers. We are a very professional environment and have high expectations for those we partner with. TriviaHub did a great job delivered from beginning to end!”


-Darrah H, Deloitte

Absolutely Incredible

“Thank you so much for running a great event. The reviews came in and they have been absolutely incredible. Everyone loved the trivia and thought the hosting was the highlight of the show. Thank you so much, can’t wait to do it again!”


-Adam C, Tango Card

Love, love, love!

“Love, love, love, this service! We’ve used it for team events through COVID and it has been awesome. Even when you feel like you can’t get on another Zoom, this is totally different. The event playlist was awesome, the host’s energy was infectious, and the commentary was classic. Thanks, TriviaHub for yet another great team event!”


-Kaitlin S, Home Depot

An amazing service

“TriviaHub was an amazing service that brought our team together in a casual, fun environment after work. They give us several options to personalize the experience and really did take care of all of the logistics. Our host was an absolute pleasure and we all had a blast competing with each other. Everyone is still talking about our fun evening and all of the hilarious moments…book yourself a TriviaHub event – you will not regret it!”


-Harshin S, Google

The next level

“Our event was more than we could have ever hoped for. It was smooth, well-run, and our host was unflappable despite some of our technically challenged attendees! I can’t underscore enough how TriviaHub went above and beyond the call of duty to make our event great. I recommend TriviaHub to any organization looking to do an event like ours – they definitely take it to the next level!”


-Alexina J, Chewy

Great event!

“Great event! The perfect challenge of questions, a smooth process, definitely everything we could have asked for, and more. Our host did a great job, going as far as to be knowledgeable about our industry and call out our competitors. TriviaHub really showed they were prepared for our event.”


-Ian K, Comcast

So much fun

“So much fun!!! Takes such a load off of someone having to worry about hosting or not being part of the team activity. We loved it – thanks TriviaHub!”


-Rick R, AT&T

Fantastic time!

“Thank you so much for executing a fantastic event! The reservation process was easy and I was appreciative of the prompt help provided throughout. All in all, my team thoroughly enjoyed the event and we plan to book more events with TriviaHub in the future.”


-Anastasia B, Amazon

Keep it up

“This turned out so much better than I expected. Our host was very entertaining and enthusiastic which we enjoyed. Everything was organized and streamlined and overall just really fun. Keep it up!”


-Timothy V, Oracle

We are inspired!

“I wasn’t sure how virtual trivia would work but this was even better than I’d hoped. Our families truly enjoyed this event and we are inspired to make this a repeat event for our school. Thank you so much!”


-Bertha G, Etsy

So much fun

“This was so much better than I was anticipating. I wasn’t sure how Zoom trivia was going to work, but it was a lot of fun and was straightforward. Would definitely do this again – great job TriviaHub!”


-Nadia B, Omaze


“We will DEFINITELY be return customers. Great work to everyone at TriviaHub and our host was excellent – they made everyone feel known/seen and treated us all like friends. So great!”


-Dorothy H, EY

RAVE Reviews

“I just wanted to say that I have had RAVE reviews from those that participated in our event. Through this TriviaHub event we were able to raise $190,000 in supplies that we can now bring to those in need. Please share this testimony with your prospects so they know how incredible TriviaHub has been. Thank you so much!”


-Jane I, Patient Co.

Simply Brilliant!

“I’d like to recognize the TriviaHub team for all the support and timely answers to anything and everything that we asked of throughout the process of planning our large company all-hands event. TriviaHub’s customer service is warm and simply brilliant!”


-Diane G, Adobe

You are rock stars

“You are a team of rock stars! Our host rolled with a Zoom glitch so smoothly and effortlessly those at the event didn’t know it wasn’t part of the full plan! She was also entertaining and relatable to everyone in our diverse group at the event. We so look forward to working with you all again!”


-Michelle T, Humana

Definitely the best!

“This event was awesome! Very lively at keeping everyone engaged. Definitely, the best way to end the first week after having joined my new company! I hope we do more!”


-Jackie D, Disney

They all loved it

“Just wanted to let everyone know about how great the trivia was with my company. They all loved it!! We look forward to doing many more events with TriviaHub in the near future! Thanks so much!”


-Karen B, Nestle

Thank you so much

“Our host was an excellent host! He was fun, enthusiastic, great at explaining the rules, and really gelled with everyone in the company. Thank you so much!”


-Marc Z, Grant Thornton

Such a great time

“Such a great night, and I loved the incorporation of music throughout the event! Our host was hilarious and definitely kept us all smiling throughout the event. Woo!”


-Amanda M, KraftHeinz

Lots of Fun!

“The event was awesome. Excellent feedback from all of my team members. I appreciated how flexible and prepared the host was and how different this was from other Zoom gatherings. Lots of fun!”


-Chantel H, HubSpot

Great corporate team building

“Great corporate team-building activity! Highly recommend for a Friday afternoon to head into the weekend on a loose note. Great concept and thank you!!”


-Mandy S, DHL

Rock On, Superstars!

“Our TriviaHub host was extremely professional and also super fun and friendly. He had a great vibe (and great impressions!) and shared some great stories about his past. He made our experience comfortable and hilarious. Thank you TriviaHub for a great time! Rock on, superstars!”


-Christine E, Travelers

Fun night

“Fun night, very easy to organize, great support from the staff prior to the event, and quick with the prizes. Extremely accommodating throughout the process and the host was really fun and patient with organizing our large group on Zoom.”


-Dawn W, Bayer

Very well run

“Our TriviaHub host was a courteous and fun host of the trivia for our event today. He explained everything very well and it was well-paced, with great questions. The event was also very fun and it was nice getting to know people in the breakout room! Very well run.”


-Roberta K, Unity3D

The BEST Zoom event

“It was the BEST Zoom event I have ever gone to. It was so much fun, especially to be on a team with coworkers that don’t interact on a regular basis, and a way to be in a relaxed, fun environment outside of the normal staff meeting! Highly recommended!”


-Elisa R, Namely

Everything was amazing

“Everyone I worked with at TriviaHub was amazing. Our event was a kind of last-minute/short notice and I really appreciated everyone being so accommodating. We had an event planner who was so great to work with, she really helped walk me through and plan everything. We had a great host and everyone loved him. From start to finish just an amazing job.”


-Emily W, Accenture

Such a fantastic service

“I can’t say enough about TriviaHub’s help with planning the details of our event. Everyone was a pleasure to work with and so patient with all my questions. I appreciated the genuine desire to help me create the event I had in mind. Your company provides such a fantastic service! I look forward to the opportunity to do future trivia events and for sure will be reaching out to TriviaHub.”


-Susan N, Morningstar

Super amazing to work with

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being really wonderful people to work with on our Trivia Night event. Thank you for answering all my questions whether it was via email or on zoom and for just being super amazing to work with. My organization is definitely going to work with TriviaHub again in the future. Thank you so much!”


-Patricia N, BDO


“Our TriviaHub host was AMAZING!! Our team was really demanding and he handled it like a champ and with such good humor. At the last minute (literally when the event started), we had to cut the event 20 minutes short. He flew through the rounds and got us to the finish line on our timeline. He was hilarious and gracious! I could not recommend him or TriviaHub highly enough!”


-Isabelle J, Aura

Fantastic Job

“I was skeptical at first since events like this don’t always have great engagement or turnout but TriviaHub did a fantastic job of keeping engagement up in the chat, and over the audio too. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to utilize this service.”


-Ana M, LinkedIn

Absolutely loved

“My team absolutely loved the event and have already asked me when we can host another trivia night again. The timing was perfect, the questions were great, and our host was amazing. Thanks, TriviaHub!”


-Melody S, Spectrum