DIY Trivia

The same trivia software and content that our professionals use is now available for you to host your own on-demand trivia events. Try your hand at being your own quiz master with our easy-to-use DIY website and show your attendees a great time… for free!


TriviaHub Platform

Be your own Quiz master

Want to have a fun trivia event but need to keep it on a budget? 

 Try hosting you own event with our all-new DIY trivia platform. With TriviaHub, you can easily find a fun trivia quiz, get attendees into your game, and take everyone through a whole event in a snap. 

Easy to get started

You don’t have to be a tech wizard or trivia expert to host your own trivia event. 

We’ve done all the hard work for you by prepping great trivia questions and designing a software platform that guides you through a full trivia event step-by-step.

Many Events in One

Once you get started, you’ll be able to use the TriviaHub DIY trivia platform to host events for any fun group exercise. 

Want a fun activity to segue into your next team meeting? Have a virtual happy hour coming up? The applications are endless. 

You've Got this

How it Works

It’s never been easier to host your own trivia event – just open your web browser and with a few clicks, you’re off and running. You’ve got this, quiz master!

Sign Up

Sign up for TriviaHub for free with just an email address - no credit card required.

Pick A Quiz

Browse our list of expert-crafted quizzes and pick the one that is just right for your group.

Register Players

Display a QR code or URL for participants to scan and join your game.

Host Event

Follow our step-by-step wizard to display questions, collect answers, and show live leaderboards!

The Best Trivia

Ready-to-Play Quizzes

Endless Selection of Quizzes

Have a group of “The Fifth Element” fans? Know a lot about cured meats in pop culture? Have a godly streak in Wordle? Yeah… we’ve got a trivia quiz for that. 

Customizable to your needs

Want to host an event about your company’s history or obscure industry knowledge? We can load your questions or write questions for you.

Always Workplace appropriate

Don’t worry, the HR team won’t freak out with any of our trivia questions. Every trivia quiz in our library is guaranteed workplace-appropriate and family-friendly. 

Help getting started

Everything you need is included. With instruction guides, hosting tips, and trivia rules – you’re set up for success.

Awesome Presentation

Project your questions up on one of your TVs with a built-in presentation system. Change the background, logo, colors and more.

online Answer Submissions

It’s never been easier to collect answers to your questions. Players scan a QR code or URL and then submit answers from their device.

Automated Scoring

Our automated scoring system will check trivia answers in seconds and update the live leaderboards for you in real-time!

Everything You need

Your Trivia Hosting Companion

Beyond the trivia quizzes prepared by our content team, the DIY TriviaHub platform comes with everything you need to host the perfect trivia event. 

Our intuitive software makes it so easy; you can simply click and begin playing in seconds… no crash course required!


Scalable to fit your needs

If you want to create your own quizzes or need more advanced features than the DIY product allows for, don’t worry – TriviaHub can scale with you.

Upgrading to our professional-level platform, DIY Pro, gives you a much more powerful version of our software that allows you to customize every aspect of your events. 

With DIY Pro, you can create your own quizzes, host pen and paper games, offer bingo events, add more event locations and hosts, schedule and customize event settings and branding, run reports, and much more.

Learn more about DIY Pro by contacting one of our specialists today.

We have great answers


The TriviaHub on-demand platform is a web-based tool that helps anyone host fun and engaging trivia events. 

All you need to do is sign-up for our free version with an email address. Once logged in, you can browse our list of fun trivia quizzes and pick one you’d like to play with your group. 

You group joins the event using a QR code on their phone and the TriviaHub website guides you through the game step-by-step with our trivia wizard. It will display all questions, collect and score player answers and show live leaderboards. 

At the end of the quiz a winner is crowned and Bob’s your uncle!

The TriviaHub on-demand event platform is very versatile and is designed to support many interactive group events. Some of our favorites include:

  • Team Meeting Kick-Offs
  • Team Happy Hours
  • Family Game Nights
  • Fundraisers
  • Bar Trivia Nights
  • Corporate Trainings

Yes. If you find that you’d like to add your own quizzes, adjust the game settings or change the logo and branding, just contact us to learn more about our advanced features. 

After you create your account, you’ll get instant access to all TriviaHub features with a limited set of quizzes, indefinitely. 

If you’d like to access more content, you can upgrade to our paid version starting at $99/month. You may cancel your paid subscription at any time.

Yes. If playing in-person, just cast your screen onto a nearby TV, and if you are playing online, you can simply share your screen on Zoom or your choice of video conferencing tool.

No. The TriviaHub platform supports as many players as you’d like to join.

All of our trivia questions are written by expert quizmasters. All questions are workplace-appropriate and family-friendly and the difficulty is balanced to appeal to all levels of players.

Just visit our contact page to send us a message. We will respond to all inquiries. 

Start Hosting your own trivia events today

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