In-Person Trivia

The world’s best trivia hosts are now available for in-person trivia! That pub-trivia feel is back as TriviaHub hosts cover over 15 major metro areas. Whether you’re hosting an office party or an annual conference, all our in-person trivia events include a dedicated event planner and can be fully customized.

In-person trivia

Full-service Trivia Events

Customized To Your Needs

When you book one of our in-person trivia events, we’ll pair you with one of our expert event planners who will work with you to ensure everything is ready for the big day.

Dedicated Planner

We know your days are busy - we got you. You'll work with a dedicated event planner who will make sure every detail is prepared.

Custom Trivia Questions

Have a fun event theme? You can work with our trivia writing team to build trivia questions that are designed just for your group.

Personalized Agenda

Trivia is the perfect game to integrate into a broader event agenda. Let us know what you're planning and we'll prepare a run-of-show to fit.

Branded Experience

You can brand every aspect of your in-person trivia game. From logos to event slides to colors - we'll make sure your brand shines through.


Top Talent

World-Class Event Hosts

When you book an in-person TriviaHub event, we don’t just send a question reader to your venue. Oh no! 

Every TriviaHub host is a true entertainment professional with a background in comedy, acting, public speaking and more. 

No matter their background, they are verified trivia experts and will bring a ton of personality to your event.

Integrated Trivia Platform

The Best Audience Experience

Every in-person trivia event runs on our tailored trivia platform. No gathering pens and paper, no switching between PowerPoint slides, no long scoring breaks – everything runs seamless and efficient to keep your group focused on the fun!

Mobile Answer Submission

It’s never been easier for audience members to play trivia. They just point their phone at a QR code and they’re off and running. No apps to download, no accounts to create.

Automated Scoring System

All of your participant’s trivia answers are graded automatically. No wasting time waiting for people to turn in papers or for hosts to score – everything is completed in seconds. 

Awesome Presentation

All trivia questions are displayed on the big screen! Participants can easily follow along with the host and all trivia teams know where they are with real-time leaderboards. 

Upgrade your Game

Unique Trivia Game Modes

So you’re a movie buff. Or you know the meaning to obscure words. Or maybe you create the funniest memes for your social network. 

Whatever your talent, if you’re looking for a fun new spin on trivia, up your game and go with one of our premium trivia game modes for an added challenge. 

Song Showdown

Get your groove on identify these artists and songs!

Word Puzzles

Bring the game show straight to your home office!

Clips with Connections

Movie buffs and aspiring critics - it's your time to shine!

Tell Meme About it

All of your social media scrolling is about to pay off!

Fan Riot

Celebrity cameos within a fully themed trivia game.

Premium Sampler

Mix-and-match all of our premium trivia together!

Supported Locations

Everywhere You Are

TriviaHub’s network of in-person trivia hosts has expanded to cover 15 major U.S. metro areas. 

Don’t see your metro area listed yet? No sweat! Our network is constantly growing – reach out to see if we can support your location soon.

We have great answers


Prior to your event you’ll get to work with one of our expert event planners to customize your event and prepare all of the details to ensure everything is ready for your group.

On the day of the event, one of our professional event hosts will arrive at your location. Once everything is setup, the host will handle all of the logistics necessary to run the trivia game. They’ll provide instructions to the audience on how everything will work and then kick the event off. 

Your host will guide the group through multiple rounds of trivia questions and each team will submit their answers using our online answer sheets via their phones. Teams will review answers together while the host tallies points and reveals the leaderboard.

The final trivia round crowns the winning team!

Every TriviaHub event includes the following for the full session:

  • Live, in-person, professional quizmaster
  • Full facilitation of trivia event
  • Event customizations
  • Event planner to prepare event
  • Online quiz website for team answers
  • 60, 90 or 120-minute game format

Every aspect of your trivia event can be customized. Commonly clients will customize event branding, create custom trivia questions, build a custom event run-of-show, rent A/V equipment, and more.

All customizations can be discussed with one of our event planners after submitting your request for a quote.

Our in-person events typically start at $749 and go up from there depending on your location, expected attendees, number of customizations and more.

Once you submit your request for a quote, one of our team members will reach out with full pricing information at that time.

We can. Typically, our hosts will bring a laptop to run the event and your location will need to provide a working Wi-Fi connection, projector or TV, and any desired audio equipment.

For an extra fee we can rent equipment and bring it to your venue. 

We currently have in-person trivia hosts located in 15 major metro areas including:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Minneapolis – St. Paul
  • Las Vegas
  • Orlando
  • Miami
  • Denver
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • Dallas
  • Portland
  • Fargo
  • St. Louis
  • Boston

No sweat! Our network is constantly growing – reach out to see if we can support your location soon. 

Yes. Any of your in-person events can also have virtual attendees added without any extra setup. You can inquire about the added cost of virtual attendees by working with one of our event specialists.

Yes. Some clients find cost savings in gathering their team in-person while ‘beaming’ our live host in virtually for the event. To explore this option, get in-touch with us.

We typically recommend booking at least 1-month in advance to ensure host availability and to coordinate necessary logistics.

Please contact us to see if we can accommodate a booking sooner.

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