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TriviaHub Overview

Putting the FUN in Fundraising

Since 2020, TriviaHub has helped raise more than $10 million for charity across the globe. Our interactive trivia fundraisers are an affordable way to gamify your events and successfully bring in donations for your cause. 

Whether you are gathering your donors virtually, in-person, or with a hybrid event, TriviaHub has the experience to help.


Better Turnout

Your donors value face time and 56% of them attend fundraising events. Trivia events are proven crowd-pleasers that help drive that attendance. Interested donors also typically invite their friends to join and participate with them. 

Trivia events are also simple to create and great to create recurring competitions to bring donors together more frequently.

All of this means more funds raised for your cause. 

Less Expense

Whether you are looking for a virtual, hybrid or in-person fundraiser, we have a flexible, cost-effective package designed just for you. 

With our trivia experiences, you can also integrate multiple sponsors throughout the event to help fund the cost of the event and keep everything you raised for your cause. 


Fundraiser event host

Easy to Organize

Our Expertise at Your Service

Let the TriviaHub team augment your own organization’s resources. Our expert event planners have helped hundreds of non-profits host successful trivia-based fundraisers. 

After booking an event with us, you’ll be put in-touch with a dedicated planner who will help optimize your event experience and provide helpful tips to make sure everything is prepared. 

Our team takes care of all of the trivia questions and hosting of the event so you can spend less time on logistics and more time on promotion.

Tailored for your needs

Craft a Truly unique group experience

One of the great things about trivia is that it lends itself perfectly to a large fundraising event. We’ve also templated our events to make them easy and affordable to customize. 

The trivia questions can be themed to match your donor’s preferences and the game flow can be integrated into other event activities to make a fun and seamless night.

Personalized Agenda

The options are virtually endless when it comes to creating an agenda that meets the needs of your event.

Donor Add-on Options

When hosting a trivia fundraiser with TriviaHub, you can offer additional fun ways for donors to contribute more.

Affordable pricing

We are proud to extend a non-profit discount

We are proud to be able to extend a non-profit discount on all of our trivia fundraiser event offerings. This way, you can host an affordable event and keep more funds raised for your cause. 

We’ll provide your discount code and amount at the time of booking.

Making a difference

TriviaHub has helped raise over $10 million for Charity

We Have Great Answers


Yes! We currently can bring a live host to your venue in over 15 major U.S. metros. 

Some clients also find cost savings in gathering their group in-person while ‘beaming’ our live host in virtually for the event.

Yes. Every non-profit event booked will receive a 20% discount off of our listed prices.

No. If you are requiring players to pay and register for your event, you would be responsible for collecting their contact information and payment. We recommend trying a service like Eventbrite.

No. We recommend using your existing donation tools (e.g. Txt2Give) to ensure all donations are collected properly.

There is currently no limit as you can highlight sponsors in many areas of the event (e.g. host background, question logos, leaderboard logos, in-event slides, sponsor videos, and more).

We find that our most successful fundraisers occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

We recommend booking at least four weeks before your fundraiser to leave enough time to meet with your TriviaHub event planner and gather event registrations.

For sure! Feel free to check out this helpful guide on holding a successful fundraiser. 

Let us help create a successful fundraiser

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