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Our people are truly what make a TriviaHub experience special. We have over a dozen hosts that come from all walks of life. Some are comedians, musicians, or actors, but all of them are true entertainers. 

No matter their background, they bring a ton of personality and know how to have a good time.


Dina is a voice actor based in NYC who thinks every day is a great day for trivia! She also hosts her own food show.


Jed is a comedy writer and performer from NYC. An improviser, he’ll handle every aspect of your event with ease!


Nathan is the reigning North Dakota State Comedy Champion. He’ll be sure to have your team laughing along the way.


Always smiling through her heart, Sanyee is a rom com writer. She infuses her sun-shiny world with acting!


A motivational speaker and comedian, Sherlonda is committed to helping organizations using hope and humor.


Brian is a radio host, comedian, actor and now...trivia host! His love of trivia helped him win three TV game shows.


David is a nationally touring comedian and magician who loves to bring fun to teams. He is featured on Dry Bar Comedy!


This ain't Vivi's first rodeo around trivia hosting. As an actor and enthusiastic mixologist, she'll whip you up a great time!


A Brooklyn-based comedian, Meghan has been featured on Fox’s “Laughs”. She loves to bring a quick wit to all her events!


Residing in Hollywood, Max is an entertainer to the core. When not hosting events he'll be dancing his heart out!


Managing his own entertainment company, Guy knows what it takes to produce a great event.


A true trivia guru, Aaron runs his own trivia podcast. Think you’ve got a trivia question that can stump him? Good luck with that!

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