How to Play Trivia Games on Slack

Trivia on Slack
Join us as we share how to add some team building trivia games to your Slack channels.

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Many companies have transitioned to Slack as their communications platform. The platform in itself is designed for team members to have direct communication with one another—whether in or out of the office. Many remote workers rely on Slack to relay important work information to those who are in-office or also work remotely. 

But, let’s be honest: work can get stressful at times, and day-to-day assignments and tasks can prove to be very stressful and mundane. That is why it is important to take some time throughout the work day to enjoy yourself and connect with team members. Slack features many facets that are perfect for fun, stress-relieving games. These games allow team members to take the occasional much-needed break from their workday.

This is why we have conjured up some virtual team building activities that can be carried out on Slack! Team building activities are important for the success of businesses large and small. When an employee is stressed out, disconnected, or lonely, their negative workplace experience will be reflected in their productivity. Activities for team bonding are more necessary than ever, given the amount of workers that have transitioned into the remote workplace. Join us as we share our top team building activities on Slack!


For starters, you will need to download the Slack App from the App Store and have access to a group. Once you find yourself in your Slack channel, simply click command+K or control+K and click on trivia. Once there, you will notice a variety of shortcut buttons that will take you to a game of your choice!

You can also access these by utilizing the shortcuts menu at the bottom left of the screen and searching for “trivia”. This search will display a number of shortcuts for games that are available on Slack. You can go on to select the Slack channel on which to post a game, and make any customization options that you see fit! 

Commands can also be given in the message bar by typing things such as “trivia,quiz” or “games”. The trick to this is that a number of options will display when utilizing this method, and it is up to you to make your selection. Now, we will cover some of our favorite games on Slack!

Word of the Hour

Word of the hour is a very interesting game available on Slack that is sure to please language lovers. Word of the hour can be installed on your Slack workspace for everyone to enjoy together!

Every hour on the hour, a new word is shown with its translation in different languages. This game is perfect for diverse, multicultural teams! Your team can use this game to learn new words with one another for added competition, motivation, and practice!

In order to get started, certain commands need to be understood. These commands are as follows:

  • /getword – Shows the current word of the hour

  • /getword channel – Shows the current word of the hour visible to the entire channel

  • /getword help – Shows a list of all of the commands

  • /getword <language> – Shows previous words in the language

The Last Letter Game 

This is a fun word-building game that can be played on direct message or on your team’s Slack channel. While this is not an official Slack game, it is certainly a fun and unique way to get all of your team members active in the chat and engaged with one another!

Playing the game is pretty simple. The players have to pick a category of their choice to center the game around. Next, one chooses a word in the category and takes the last letter of that word and makes a new word starting with that letter. This process is repeated until someone guesses the word!

For example, if one player chooses the word donut, the other player has to name another sweet treat starting with the last letter of this sweet treat (the letter ‘t’). The next word could be tart and so on! 


Kasem is a great pick for team members to discuss each other’s favorite bands, musicians, and artists. This is also a great pick for those who want to discover new and interesting music! This game provides the greatest possible bonding experience for music lovers.

This game is pretty straightforward. All one has to do is discreetly submit the link of any song using the /kasem-addsong command. Your music is recorded and once someone wants to discover a song, they can simply use the /kasem-getsong command. The bot urges you to listen to the song and try to guess who submitted the song by discussing it with your team. 

Not only is Kasem a great way to discover new music, it is essentially a guessing game! The /kasem-reveal command will ultimately reveal who submitted that song. This game is perfect for getting to know your team members. After all, nearly nothing defines a person like their taste in music.

Team Building on Slack

The aforementioned games available on Slack are perfect activities for team bonding. Finding fun activities for team building is made easy with Slack—as is direct communication with your team! What are you waiting for? Break the ice with one of the games that has caught your attention here today. Take it to your team’s Slack channels, or even build your own channel dedicated solely to trivia team building games!

Not your cup of tea? That’s okay! Try TriviaHub with your team members! TriviaHub has hosted over 20,000 team building events for over 10,000 companies, ranging from Facebook to Amazon. Companies of all shapes and sizes rave about our services, our professional hosts, and how TriviaHub encourages everyone to get involved.

So if Slack games aren’t your thing, maybe pitch your team on attending a team building trivia event with TriviaHub. Contact us today for more information! 

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