Kickstart Your Next Meeting With These Trivia Questions

Kickstart your next meeting with trivia
As you start your next meeting, throw one of these trivia questions out to make that connection.

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We have all been part of virtual meetings that seem to be impersonal. We do get to see faces and hear voices but there is still a space between being in the same room and in the same Zoom.

It can help to begin your meetings with a personal touch. If we meet without connecting, then we are not building our teams up. Instead, we are slowly tearing them down by ignoring their humanity. As you start your next meeting, throw one of these trivia questions out to make that connection. Your team will start accessing the creative part of the brain immediately and may help to create a more productive meeting!


Question 1: Which of these books, later made into popular movies, was released first…Bridge Jones Diary, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone or Lemony Snicket’s series of Unfortunate Events?

Answer 1: Bridget Jones Diary

Possible Follow Up Question:


Question 2: In the long running and ever popular video game Tetris, how many different types of pieces are there?

Answer 2: Seven

Possible Follow Up Questions:


Question 3: Which animated movie, released in the year 2000, was advertised with the tagline “escape or die frying”?

Answer 3: Chicken Run

Possible Follow Up Questions:

  • What is your favorite animated film of all time?

  • What is the best chicken dish you have ever had?

  • Have you ever eaten eggs from anything other than a chicken?

  • What is your favorite breakfast food?


Question 4: 1.  Which Energy drink, founded in Austria in 1987, is the world’s bestselling energy drink with over 6 billion cans sold every year?

Answer 4: Red Bull

Possible Follow Up Questions:

  • What is your preferred form of caffeine?

  • Do you like Red Bull, or do you like another energy drink better?

  • What is your favorite beverage?

  • Would you drive the Red Bull car to work each day?


Question 5: In 2018, which company became the first to reach a value of $1 trillion?

Answer 5: Apple

Possible Follow Up Questions:

  • Are you an Apple or PC person?

  • How about iPhone or Android?

  • Anyone use an Apple Watch?

  • What is your favorite type of apple?


Question 6: Ikebana is the Japanese art of arranging what?

Answer 6: Flowers

Possible Follow Up Questions:

  • When was the last time you gave someone flowers?

  • Is anyone allergic to flowers?

  • When would you not want to get flowers?

  • What is your favorite type of flower?

As you work on building your team and having fun together as well, let us know how it goes. Have you used other trivia questions? What other ice breakers or kick off questions have you used? What has worked with your team? What fell flat?

Want more trivia for your team? Have a great experience together and bond? Book a live hosted virtual trivia game with us. You can even choose a theme that you know your team would like.

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