Player Instructions

Get prepared for your TriviaHub event

Get Ready for Some fun!

  1. You’ll get started by clicking on the Zoom meeting link that was sent in the email as part of your registration/invitation. You can join using your computer, tablet or smartphone device.

  2. If you don’t have the Zoom app installed on your device, it will instruct you to install it. The Zoom room will open 15 minutes early – so feel free to join then to ensure your device is configured and working.

  3. The event will kick-off about 5 minutes after the start time to allow any players to join who may be running a bit late.

  4. Your host will walk through some housekeeping items to remind everyone the rules of how the event is going to be played. 

  5. During the event, you will play as a team consisting of either yourself, everyone in your household, or as a remote team with other players. If playing as a remote team, the host will organize you into teams randomly or may ask for your assistance in changing your onscreen name if your teams have been pre-determined.

  6. The host will then provide your team with a website link. This will be used to submit answers for scoring. Please note: If playing as a team with others, you’ll need to choose just one person who will act as your captain and go to the website to submit answers for the whole team.

  7. When you first go to the website, you’ll need to enter your team name, and any team members you might be playing with.

  8. Once all teams are registered, the host will start trivia play. They will present questions and you will enter your answers in the website. At the end of each round, you’ll submit your answers to the host.

  9. After each round is completed, the host will review answers and announce the current scores and leaders.

  10. The host will tally final scores after the last round of trivia. If there is a tie, they will go into an optional tie-breaker round where the tied teams will compete in answering a numerical question. The team closest to the answer will break the tie and win.

  11. The winning team will be announced along with any prizes.

  12. The event will wrap-up and the host will wish you well!