Top 5 Platforms for Hosting Your Own Trivia Event

Host Your Trivia Event
Check out these 5 software platforms to help you be your own quiz master.

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Hosting your own trivia night can be hard work. Beyond being up on a stage and entertaining the audience, there is a lot of logistical work that goes into it. 

From preparing the right set of questions, to presenting them to your audience, to gathering team answers and calculating scores, being an engaging host may just be the easiest part. Luckily, there are several software vendors that help automate a lot of this effort and can make the job of hosting your own trivia event much easier. 

Read on to check out the top 5 platforms that will help you be the ultimate quiz master. 

1. TriviaHub

When it comes to trivia software, our top pick is TriviaHub. TriviaHub is designed specifically to host trivia events and it helps with every aspect of running the perfect trivia event – from preparation, to hosting, to event wrap-up. 

The software comes loaded with hundreds of expert-written trivia quizzes that are perfectly balanced for audiences of any type. No more worrying about trying to come up with your own questions. TriviaHub also includes instruction guides, hosting tips, trivia rules, and video tutorials to help you get prepared. 

When it’s time for your event, you can choose from paper-based or electronic answer submissions. The hosting platform does all the work for you and displays your questions, collects and scores team answers, and automatically generates leaderboards. It even tracks your past events to ensure you don’t repeat any questions for your audience!

Know what’s even better than all of that? You can get started with TriviaHub for free – no credit card required. Go check it out now!

2. TriviaMaker

Though designed for schools and teachers, TriviaMaker can be used to host your own trivia events as well. One of the core features of TriviaMaker is that in addition to trivia games, it allows you to create four other types of games as well. This allows you to mix things up for future events after your trivia night. 

TriviaMaker’s software does come pre-loaded with a handful of trivia quizzes for your to choose from, and also lets you add in your own content. The format allows you to easily host virtual and in-person events and can be used on both a laptop and tablet. 

If you run into any trouble, TriviaMaker offers support to help you out and can event help customize your setup with your logo and colors. TriviaMaker does offer a limited basic account version you can get started with for free.

3. CrowdPurr

CrowdPurr is another tool that was originally designed for gathering audience feedback from conferences and other events, but that can be leveraged to host a trivia night. 

The platform comes with a library of trivia questions that you can assemble together into full trivia quizzes. It has a projector view to show questions and can gather player response through a mobile app. We really enjoy the flexibility of the platform as you can customize lots of game options, participant settings, branding and more. You can also run analytics reports to get data about your hosted events. 

Outside of trivia, it also offers other features like audience polling, bingo games, and more. When it comes to pricing, CrowdPurr offers numerous pricing packages with varying features to fit exactly your unique needs. You can get started with a limited version for free.

4. Kahoot!

Many people are familiar with Kahoot! as an audience survey tool used at schools and workplaces. Given its robust survey capabilities, it can also be a good tool for a trivia event. 

The best feature about Kahoot! is that it is a very large company and the survey tools are very robust. This enables you to support thousands of participants without worry of something going wrong. 

While it doesn’t come pre-loaded with any trivia quizzes, you can browse through the user community to find quizzes that other users have created. 

5. Google Forms

While not our preferred option, Google Forms is a way to create a trivia quiz answer system for free. We’ve seen many users build out a trivia quiz with questions in Google Forms and then gather player responses from the web link the survey form generates. 

It comes with built-in reporting to help you score the answers for each round of your game. Like we said before, it’s not an ideal solution, but it can be made to work if you want something that is always free of charge. 

In Conclusion

We know that hosting your own trivia event involves a lot of work and it’s good to know there are several tools out there to help you.

There are several good options with their own various benefits, but when it comes to a platform that is designed from the ground-up to host a trivia event, we recommend checking out TriviaHub

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