What to Expect

Read on to see what to expect during a virtual trivia event

Get Ready for some fun!

  1. The Zoom room will open 15 minutes early – feel free to join early as well.

  2. We’ll kick-off about 3 minutes after the start time to allow players to join.

  3. The host will walk through some housekeeping items to let teams know how we will play. 

  4. We will then get players into their teams (if using breakout rooms). Teams that were pre-assigned will need to rename themselves using the instructions here, and if playing with randomized teams, we will run the randomizer and balance teams based on number of total players (target 5 per team).

  5. The host will then provide the game URL and QR Code where teams can submit answers and teams will have a chance to choose their captain.

  6. Only the captain will need to open the game URL and they will be responsible for registering their team and submitting answers for the team. 

  7. Once all teams are registered, we will start trivia play. The host will present questions, move teams into breakout rooms (if using) and team captains will submit their team’s answers through the website at the end of each round.

  8. After each round, answers will be reviewed, and scores will be announced.

  9. Final scores will be tallied after the last round. If there is a tie, we will go into an optional tie-breaker round where the tied teams will compete in a numerical question. The team closest to the answer will break the tie and win.

  10. The winning team will be announced along with any included prizes. If necessary, we will gather winning team contact info.

  11. We will wrap-up and wish everyone well!