10 Monthly Trivia Games for Remote Team Building

Monthly Remote Trivia Games
Schedule monthly events for ongoing team building progress and to give employees something to look forward to.

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Team building is about more than mandatory meetings. It’s about spending quality time with the people you work with every day and breaking down the barriers of distant, professional talk. When your team members get to know each other, they build healthy communication habits, learn about cooperation, and even boost their creative thinking skills. 

Employees who bond in team building events can even show signs of increased productivity and engagement. Best of all, even remote companies can enjoy team building benefits, thanks to a wide variety of online team building games. Services like TriviaHub provide a virtual video conferencing platform alongside fun built-in games and customizable graphics. This is the perfect virtual venue for your remote team building event.

Due to the popularity of online Zoom trivia games and pub trivia nights in neighborhood bars, company trivia events are in high demand. If you want your team to be engaged in team building events, schedule a fun, virtual trivia game and invite remote employees to play. Schedule monthly events for ongoing team building progress and to give employees something to look forward to. Here are the top 10 most popular monthly trivia games for team building events.

Movie Trivia

Cinephiles and casual home movie watchers alike love movie trivia games. Swap your knowledge of common movie facts or even rare, obscure films. This is a great team building event because players won’t just compete, they’ll open up a casual conversation about movies they love.

You might find that team members of different generations or backgrounds have unique contributions to the game. Plus, this game is an excellent conversation starter. Players may start to discuss their thoughts on certain movies, and then swap opinions.

Pop Culture

More general than but still including the above, Pop Culture trivia includes TV, music, celebrities, and more. Test your knowledge of all things Pop Culture. This is a great option for younger teams in a youth-oriented industry.

Ideally, all this talk of pop culture can lead to fun, lighthearted conversation. Team members can bond over their knowledge of and thoughts about certain pop culture figures or moments.

Animal Trivia

Who doesn’t love animals? Compete with knowledge of general animal facts, along with some unique and surprising details about critters large and small. While most people love household pets like cats and dogs, it may be exciting to learn about your coworkers’ other animal interests. Find out which animals people love, and get surprising opinions about members of the animal kingdom.

U.S. Landmarks

Facts about landmarks just may stump you. Players may have to think back to their travels or grade school learning to recall answers to these trivia questions.

This subject is a great option for virtual teams because every user can incorporate knowledge about their own region of the country. Who grew up where? U.S. Landmarks trivia is both fun and informative for teams.

Winter Trivia

Summer is hot and tiring, so thoughts of winter are appreciated. Test your team members’ knowledge of winter conditions, traditions, and more. Who lives in a snowy region of the country? What’s winter like where everyone lives? This Trivia topic is also a great team icebreaker.

Transition this trivia game into talk about holiday plans or favorite holiday traditions. Ultimately, games like monthly trivia are excellent team building tools because they build the foundations for open and comfortable communication.

Video Games

This isn’t for every team, but if you have enough “gamers” in the crew, video game trivia will be a huge hit. Gaming topics are strongly recommended for teams with a younger average age. Answer questions about classic games, recent favorites, and even indie titles that most casual players may not know about.


Pick your favorite decade or genre and quiz your team. You can be the host or even hire a host through TriviaHub. Who knows the most facts about music? You can even play this trivia topic in the form of a “Name That Tune” game.

As with movie and pop culture topics, music trivia is an excellent lead-in to open, casual conversation. Team members can bond over shared opinions and longtime favorite tunes.

Marketing Slogans

Whose jingle is that again? Marketing slogans are a fun, intergenerational topic because everyone is inundated with marketing every day. Test who has the better memory or who’s paying the most attention to all those ads. 

Food & Drink

This is a topic everyone will love. Test the team’s knowledge of food and drink facts from around the world. Just be sure everyone has a beverage and a snack handy, or mouths may water.

What are everyone’s thoughts on certain popular foods and drinks? Does anyone have rare or unusual opinions? What about allergies? Get to know unique facts about everyone in the team and you’ll have an easier time working with them daily.

Books & Authors

Put prestigious teams to the test with their knowledge of famous books and authors. Who is a bibliophile in the team? This is a great trivia topic for all ages. Players may have to think back to their school grade years for answers, but avid readers with plenty of book knowledge may transition this trivia topic into book club plans. 

In Conclusion

These are the 10 most popular trivia games to try at your team’s monthly team building events. Try out different events and see which topics your team loves most. You can even alternate between trivia games and other popular virtual games like Bingo and card games. The goal is everyone’s enjoyment and eventual bonding, so feel free to adapt to your team’s input.

Get started with TriviaHub today to plan a fun, exciting, and surprisingly productive trivia event for your remote team. While there are several online trivia games for Zoom or other conferencing platforms, TriviaHub’s rich, fun-to-use service can be customized with unique backgrounds, detailed graphics, and other fun features that your team members will absolutely love.

Eventually, your team will love spending time together–and you’ll reap the benefits in the work that they do.


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