7 Virtual Employee Engagement Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Trivia
Enjoy Valentine's Day with your remote team with this these 7 engagement ideas.

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Having a remote team on Valentine’s Day isn’t always easy, but we’ve got some ideas to really engage your team virtually so spread the love!

Each year there is a lot of pressure placed on organizations to make Valentine’s Day special. It results in a lot of feelings, positive and negative. It’s hard enough to meet expectations in-person, let alone virtually. BUT, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring your team together for a little Valentine’s Day fun! Whether you’re remote or not, an event to engage your remote team this Valentine’s Day will let your employees know how much you appreciate them on a day they may be struggling to feel appreciated. 

Don’t let this opportunity for in-person or virtual team engagement to pass! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day remotely with this list of great ideas-

1 . Book the party during office hours

Don’t ask people to come in on their off time. Whether you are a virtual team or if you’re working in-person, employees often want to keep their free time for themselves. Having the party on company time shows that you value their time!

2. Get help! 

Don’t feel like you have to do it all yourself. There will always be employees who love to plan and host events. Event planning is a great way to get your employees invested in the team and in your company culture. It also lets your employees share their ideas and feel heard and empowered to take action on their ideas!

3. Decide on your platform

Get it on the calendar and get those invitations out ASAP! It’s ok to have the party after Feb 14th, just make sure everyone gets the invite.

4. Have great activities for your Valentine’s Day Party

A party is only as good as the activities, so try any of these ideas to have fun with your team for your Valentine’s Day Party:

  1. Have an Award Ceremony!

    Create some PDF award certificates. Have fun with your awards, for example:

    • Most Likely to Have a Spotless Desk – Some people need less visual chaos.

    • Best Spotify Playlists – Whose tunes does everyone enjoy?

    • Dr. Pinterest – Who comes up with those finishing touches?

    • Best Neckerchiefs or Ties – Who has that style?

    • Most Likely to Finish Off the Coffee – Maybe they even start a second pot.

  2. Give your team flowers and chocolates

    Everyone loves sweets and flowers on Valentine’s Day. Gift them to your team in person, or deliver them to your remote team. Include a personal note for an additional message to make someone’s day.

  3. Give Valentine’s Gift Cards

    Even a $5 gift card to a coffee shop will go a long way in helping employees to feel valued. The national coffee chains will even let you pick a cool Valentine’s background for your e-gift. Include a personal note for an additional message to make someone’s day.

  4. Play Games

    • Speed Dating

      This is great for zoom breakout rooms and easy to facilitate in your office. Pair everyone up with someone else at work and have everyone rotate to a new person every 5 minutes! This is a great way to help people who don’t interact often get to know each other.

    • Bingo

      You can play regular old bingo, or you can make your own Valentine’s themed cards! You can do this in-person or virtually, and you can even have a host like TriviaHub help by running the game for you! Consider having a prize for the winners so they really buy into the game.

    • Trivia

      Break your team into groups and play an exciting game of themed trivia! If you’re a remote team, use zoom breakout rooms so your teams can talk about the answers themselves to make it feel just like trivia games at the pub! You also have hosts like TriviaHub who can run the game for you to guarantee a great experience for everyone.

    • Charades

      You’re guaranteed some laughs and silliness with this one! Play this game in your office or online by having one person turn off their mic and do their best to make their team say the word, phrase, or character they are thinking of.

    • Secret Admirers

      This is a great heartwarming activity for teams who need to connect more. Have everyone pick a coworker’s name out of a hat and have them write a “secret admirer” letter to them. This is a great way to let your employees know that their hard work is recognized and reminds them that they are an important part of the team.

Give some love to the community

While sharing love with your team, consider sharing love with your community through charity. Engaging charities is a great way to show your team that you are a loving value-centered organization.

Use Zoom Breakout Rooms to have your team come up with ways your company can contribute to charitable causes. Come back together and field all the ideas, then let your team decide what you can do as a team to have a positive impact on your community or the globe!

TriviaHub Can Help

You have a lot of options when it comes to planning your remote team building event this Valentine’s Day. We’re here and happy to help you pull your plans together.

TriviaHub’s virtual trivia is plug and play, but you may have a staff member that would be a great emcee and want to lead everyone in charades!

Whatever you choose to do, and whether in-person or remotely, have fun together.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Week!

With Love,


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